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17th Fire on the Genesee Reenactment,      May  21-22  2016      gowyomingcountyny.com/events/fire-on-the-genesee
Mt. Morris  NY

17th Fire on the Genesee reenactment, Letchworth State Park, Mt. Morris. Friday education day. Battles both days, Saturday dance, Sunday morning church service. Bounty for artillery on field. $5 by May 7, $8 at registration table. Proceeds to maintain park's Civil War Parade Ground & Museum. Hosted by 5th Virginia Cavalry, 28th New York & Fire on the Genesee Committee. 585-493-3600.
  2016-01-21 00:00:00
Battle of Deep Creek reenactment,      May  28-30  2016      spokanecivilwar.com/
Spokane  WA

Battle of Deep Creek reenactment at Medical Lake near Spokane. Sponsored by Washington Civil War Association. For information, Bob Davisson, 509-995-8619 (evening).
  2013-08-28 14:23:37
24th Annual Peterboro Reenactment,      June  11-12  2016      the12thus.com
Peterboro  NY

24th Annual Peterboro Reenactment in Peterboro. Skirmish both days at 2 p.m. No registration fee before June 1, $5 after & walk-ons. Hosted by 12th U.S., Co. A. For information, Carol Mayers, 315-633-8844, caroljmayers@yahoo.com.
Battle of Chehalis River,      June  18-19  2016      wcwa.net
Chehalis  WA

Battle of Chehalis River, Chehalis. Sponsored by Washington Civil War Assn. For information: Kevin@saville.net.
Union Gap, WA Annual Civil War Reenactment,      June  18-19  2016      centralwaagmuseum.org/events/civil-war-reenactment
Union Gap  WA

The Civil War event on June 18-19 is a unique opportunity to see American history in action. It also gives people a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made by soldiers and their families throughout history.

Union Gap’s Old Town Days celebration is Father’s Day weekend, June 18-19 which includes a traditional parade down Main Street at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 18. Many of the soldiers participate in the Old Town Day’s parade before the battle. And, they expect to have a few more cavalry members this year as well on horses during the parade.

The reenactment will have 4 other battles, two each on Saturday and Sunday. Each battle is unique and takes on a spirit of its own. Nearly 400 soldiers and reenactors are anticipated to participate in the 2-day event. There are separate encampments for the North and South and the encampments are open to the public. Highlights include the camp store with great Civil War items for purchase, the medics tent, families in period costumes and more. There are no admission fees or parking fees for this popular Union Gap event.
Road to Manassas Reenactment,      June  24-26  2016      lymevillage.com
Bellevue  OH

19 acres of the good ground, battle daily, extensive camp and civilian activities including Ohio Field Dress Championship . Flat ground camping, battling for possession of 19th Century village somewhere along the road to Manassas. Scenarios set to June 25th, 1861. Registration $5, process easiest in the hobby.

For more information follow us on Facebook at Road To Manassas
Eli Beachy
Executive Director
Historic Lyme Village
5001 S.R. 4
Bellevue, Ohio 44811

153rd Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment,      July  1-3  2016      gettysburgreenactment.com
Gettysburg  PA

153rd Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg Reenactment at “Gettysburg” movie site on Pumping Station Road, Gettysburg. Daily battles with pyrotechnics, living history village, activities tents, Saturday dance. Horse & cannon bounties. Registration fee. Reenactors may stay till July 4.For information, registration, gac42comcast.net.
Reenactment of Morgan’s 1863 Raid at Brandenburg Riverfront,      July  9-10  2016      brandenburgreenactment.com
Brandenburg  KY

Please join us July 9-10, 2016 on the river in downtown Brandenburg, Kentucky to commemorate the 153rd anniversary of John Hunt Morgan’s Crossing of the Ohio River for the fifth biennial reenactment.

This event will include: Morgan’s Raid on Downtown, a Battle on Sunday, a Reenactor’s Dinner, Camp Dance, and much more!
Civil War Days at Duncans Mills Coastal Encampment,      July  16-17  2016      civilwardays.net
Duncan Mills   CA

Civil War Days at Duncans Mills coastal encampment. Sponsored by California Historical Artillery Assn. Northern California's largest civil war reenactment and one of the largest reenactments west of the Mississippi!
  2013-05-23 22:24:40
Pipestone Civil War Days,      August  13-14  2016      pipestoneminnesota.com/cwd/
Pipestone  MN

Pipestone Civil War Days is a biannual event held at Hiawatha Park in historic Pipestone, Minn. We have 43 acres for event camping with a large amphitheater for battles on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to free registration, reenactors receive free ice and straw and a $5 voucher to use in the community. There are ongoing programs for the public in nine on-site venues, as well as a ball held on the grounds Saturday evening.

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